Тема: Intelligent street light management system made in Latvia .

Dear lightning specialist of Ukraine ,

I am Jānis Vinters, Export manager of Teliko LTD, we manufacture intelligent street light telemanagement system Citylight.net

I will give small info here,for more info visit our webpage http://teliko.com/en/intelligent-street-lighting  or write me janis.vinters@teliko.com

We are Latvian company ( in  business from 2009,first local project 2010 and first export project 2012 ) who manufacture ''Smart City''  solutions.We are the one of oldest in world for this(intelligent street light)  technology.
You would be interested in our Citylight.net-intelligent street light system .Its installed in 16 country 50+ city world wide .You can implement our system in any Luminary (DALI,0-10V,PWM,RELAY) .Investment pays back in 1-3 years (depends on electricity price and what dimming profile you would choose) .We dont manufacture lights them self  just add-on to make them ''Intelligent''. And we have 5 years guaranty + you can use your own brand for software and gadgets 

Our system have 2 parts

1)C-box, it control/give info of  group of lights,there could be unlimited amount of luminaries.You need to put in Geographical coordinates and it will program on/off  timer (and change it every day) So you can make lighting grid ''Smart'' with small investments.

2) C-node - would control/give info for each light(and you will have ability to set dimming profile)

Software would be for free,no subscription fee, It give info in diagrams(power consumption,working time,failures) .It use google maps to put lights ''on the map'' .For any failure you will receive sms/email.

For additional info please let me know,we can arrange some Skype meeting and i can show you how our system work in real time and show you one of our 70+ projects .

If you would be interested in our product or you know some company who would,please let me know.


Re: Intelligent street light management system made in Latvia .

Добрый день, возможно ли эту систему использовать вместе с светильниками подобного формата http://maxus.com.ua/ru/intelite.html ?